Biro B300M 12" Manual Gravity Feed Meat Slicer - 1/2 hp



Biro B300M Manual Gravity Feed Meat Slicer has a removable product table, blade protective ring guard, product table lockout, automatic spring loaded belt tensioning, polygroove belt drive, thermal overload/no volt release, green pushbutton on-off control with red e-stop button, water resistan IP65 motor, wiring harness, electronic controls, and connectors, detachable sharpener assembly, product fence, 6-1/2' cord, 3 prong plug, 115-60 volt.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 28"
Depth: 24"
Height: 23"


Biro B300M Meat Slicer Brochure (click here)

Biro B300M Meat Slicer Parts Manual (click here) 

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