Biro 6642 Meat Grinder



The Biro 6642 Meat Grinder is a versatile manual feed grinder that can be used as either a compact or a large counter-top grinder. Its 2 HP motor has plenty of power, and the size 42 head and wide angle bowl ensure good productivity. The 6642’s compact size means it can fit into tight places, which makes it ideal for meat shops, small grocery store meat rooms, and commercial or institutional kitchens. The exclusive Biro oil bath type transmission with double reduction steel gears ensures quiet, troublefree operation for many years. The bowl assembly and feed tray are easily removed without tools, so cleanup is a snap. Quiet and easy operation, durability, and low maintenance all help make the Biro 6642 hold its value for many years.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 25"
Width: 45"
Height: 31"


Biro 6642 Meat Grinder Brochure (click here)

Biro 6642 Meat Grinder Parts Manual (click here)

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