Biro 3334SS-4003 16" Meat Saw


Biro 3334SS-4003 16" Details

The industry standard 16” Meat Saws feature all stainless steel unitized welded enclosed base structure with aluminum head structure. A stainless steel head is available at extra cost. The 3334SS is of proven design, durable, reliable, and is applicable to all small, medium, and large supermarkets, and all small and medium plants. True blade alignment allows excellent blade tracking, giving dependable straight cutting year after year. A broad range of right hand feed and true left hand feed machines are available. There are numerous configurations and optional equipment to select from to meet your exact requirements.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 124"
Length: 5/8"

Biro 3334SS-4003 16" Meat Saw Brochure (click here)

Biro 3334SS-4003 16" Meat Saw Parts Manual  (click here)

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