Biro 109PCM Horizontal Meat Slicer (With Mechanical Thickness Adjustment)


Biro 109PCM Details

The 109PC Electronic Model and the 109PCM Mechanical Model can slice up to 180 and 170 slices respectively per minute of Boneless Meat Products. These units can raise your slicing operation to a Higher Level of Productivity to help Lower Labor Cost and Increase Profits. The specially designed sickle-type curved smooth blade slices the product cleanly (no tearing) thus increases product shelf life and reduces shrink and waste.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 40"
Length: 85"
Height: 60"


Biro 109PCM Horizontal Meat Slicer Brochure (click here)

Biro 109PCM Horizontal Meat Slicer Parts Manual  (click here)

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